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The Practice Pad

drumming practice pads
Practice Pad

Spending time on a practice pad is one of the best ways to develop better hands. Most drummers own, or have heard of the practice pad. Its an imitation drum, designed to play and feel like a drum, without making a lot of noise. The surface is quiet to play on, saving your ears, as well as your neighbor’s. By getting a practice pad, you can practice your sticking exercises (drum rudiments) and not disturb others too much. Being able to work on your rudiments whenever and wherever you want is perfect. All in all the practice pad is a must for drummers.

Practice pads all have one thing in common. A slab of wood with a thin piece of bouncy rubber glued to them. The surface response is very much like a drum and allows you to develop great control over rebound and other essential skills. The thickness and quality of the rubber is the most important factor when selecting one of these practice pads. It should be soft enough to not cause stress on your wrists and hands through hours of practice. Get a quality pad by a reputable manufacturer. This is the type of drum practice pad that is recommended you get for the best practice experience. Stay away from “electronic drum” type practice pads, they are usually more like toys than a real practice tool – just get a real drum practice pad, you will be glad you did.

It is important to not only practice on a practice pad. Getting equal time on the drum set as well as the practice pad will turn you into a well rounded drummer, ready to take on any style of music!

Drumming is such a great musical outlet, a source of creativity and relaxation. If all you practice are your rudiments, there is a good chance you might get bored. So another important part of practice is to play along with music or other musicians.

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